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inno TSD coordinates project on resource efficiency in industry – project launched in November 2013

In the economic context of today, the question of resource efficiency is a priority in most industrial companies. In recent years, indicators for the environmental impact of products and production processes have been developed and are increasingly used in the communication of companies and for the decision on investments into new production facilities or revamp measures.


inno TSD is coordinator of the 3.9M€ European project “MORE - Real-time Monitoring and Optimization of Resource Efficiency in Integrated Processing Plants” that aims at:

 • Defining real-time resource efficiency indicators that can be efficiently used in daily operations and are computed based upon the processing of real-time data, available in the monitoring and control systems and from innovative analytical measurements

• Taking the step from monitoring to improving resource efficiency by providing model-based real-time decision support to plant operators and plant managers.

The project is focused on large integrated chemical and petrochemical plants, but results will be adapted for transferability to domains with similar production systems, e.g. sugar production, the pulp and paper industry, and metals production.

MORE project is driven by industrial partners: the leading European chemical producer INEOS, a major refinery Petronor-Repsol, BASF PCN and Lenzing, a major producer of cellulose products from wood.

10. Dezember 2013