Coordinator of TELL US project, the Kick-Off Meeting is organized for the 23 and 24 of January 2014 in Nice (France).

The TELL US project aims to promote and market technical enhancements of learning and education.

TELL US will demonstrate the range and quality of TEL products in order to enhance take up scalability, and encourage learning and education through these mechanisms. The TELL US project will:

 Ø  create regional contests using our network of EU countries/regions,

Ø  bring regional winners together to compete for a Europe-wide prize in a Grand Final,

Ø  Show through the contests approach how an already established or emerging TEL has been adopted and scaled-up in the formal leaning context.

The key impacts of TELL US will be to create demand through the valorisation of the use of TEL in education to suppliers, purchasers, consumers and educators throughout A larger scale of market for TEL products creating growth efficiency which in turn will lead to a larger, more efficient market for TEL solutions within Europe and establishing Europe as a leading region on a global market.

  Coordinator contact : Mr Marc Pattinson /
Published on
January 14, 2014