The NEPTUNE accelerator: the blue growth's new catalyst

   This three-year-old European project could be of an interesting resort to the region's startups and innovative SMEs that are specialized in technologies and water-based solutions. 

In the Neptune project’s key topics, figure: water management in both urban and rural environments, river transport and marine renewables energies.  


A new innovation action financed by the European Union, Neptune, has been launched successfully in July. This blue growth accelerator gathers the expertise of 10 clusters and 2 organizations supporting entrepreneurship and clusters from 7 different European countries: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Sweden. In this project, are engaged the Mediterranean pole and Inno Tsd’s consultancy society located at Sophia Antipolis.  

New value chains

The Neptune catalyst, coordinated by Aerospace Valley, will be implemented for a period of 30 months until November 2018. The global aim is to develop new industrial cross sectoral and cross border value chains to enable the developing of three key topics related to the blue growth in Europe and in the world:  water management in both urban and rural environments, river and marine transport, the environment and marine renewables energies. This development will be made possible by the integration of new technologies and know how between actors and industrials of water, aerospace, ICT, and agriculture sectors. To reach this goal, the Neptune accelerator essentially focuses on two main concepts: Neptune will receive 4,1 M€ of the subsidies of the “Research and Innovation Horizon 2020” European Commission’s program. 75% of this budget will be directly dedicated to the sustaining of projects led by SMES either by a mechanism of innovation checks (2,68 M€), either by services procured by the accelerator Neptune partners (550K€)    

Thus, Neptune hopes to foster at least 100 European SMES, from business startups to the strengthening of the SMEs beneficiaries for the development of 40 innovating solutions regarding the Blue Growth. 

Le Var Matin's article

Var-Matin (Draguignan/ Pays de Fayence), 05/09/2016

Published on
September 09, 2016