CLOE – Phase I + II

The project supported the cooperation among actors from the 7 partner regions (Karlsruhe, D; Värmland, S; Linz, A; Tartu, EST; Lyon, F; Temeswar, RO; Kaliningrad, RU). This made clear that clusters offer the possibility to position regions and their businesses also outside Europe.

The core of the project was the development of the CLOE Cluster Management Guide, a practical tool addressed to cluster managers and policy makers on how to create and enlarge clusters at the regional level. The handbook was distributed among European cluster actors and was identified by the JTS as „good practice“.
inno Germany supported the City of Karlsruhe during the project development phase, acted as project coordinator and financial manager and significantly contributed to the realisation of the Guide.
Duration Phase I: 2004-2006

Phase II: Following the invitation by the EU to submit an application as pilot project for the „Regions for Economic Change“ initiative, the CLOE project obtained a project prolongation.
In addition to the partners of Phase I, the following regions joined the project: Nottingham, GB; Banska Bystrica, SK; Westpannonien, H; Maribor, SLO; Vilnius, LT; Ostrava, CZ; Kranj-Gorenjska, SLO; Sofia, BG.
In the participating regions the interconnection of actors at the regional, transregional and national level in order to better coordinate activities and exploit resources for cluster and innovation policy in a more targeted way was realised (partly for the first time ever).
Duration Phase II: 2007-2008
2004 - 2008