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Initiation of research collaboration, focusing on microwave sensors, between Germany and Indonesia

 Funded under the Connect 2 SEA call for proposals, Dr Onny Sentyawati’s visit to the Microwave Electronics Department, University of Kassel, helped initiate new scientific collaborations between Germany and her native country of Indonesia. Dr Sentyawati’s (of the Electrical Engineering Department at Brawija University)travel grant enabled her to pay visits to Kassel and the Max Planck Institute in September of this year to discuss scientific papers and collaboration plans. Notable meetings included those on microwave sensors for Porang tubers and papers about ground penetrating radar, as well as on the possibility of involving other institutes in future partnerships in botany and agriculture. The opportunity also presented itself to inspect the equipment and materials necessary to undertake the research, in addition to collecting information for further papers on the use of ICT-related research for studying plants. Overall, the visit was a step towards strengthening ICT research into food sustainability and stimulating progress in scientific cooperation between German and Indonesian specialists.
Date de publication
27 octobre 2014